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A Guide to Using Emojis on Social Media

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Many marketers are incorporating emojis into their social media strategies. Marketers are seeing an increase in engagement on their social media posts when emojis are used, so there's no surprise we're seeing emojis popping up more often on our social media feeds.

Although using emojis can do great things for engagement, all businesses need to know how to successfully incorporate emojis into their social media marketing strategies.

Know the Meaning Behind Emojis

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make on social media when using emojis is using them incorrectly. Many brands use emojis not knowing what a particular emoji means. For example, a fruit and veg shop might include the eggplant/aubergine emoji in a company tweet not realising that the eggplanet/aubergine emoji means something completely different.

It’s important to show that your brand is ‘in the know’, especially when it comes to social media. One slip up and your brand could go viral for all the wrong reasons. If you’re unsure about the meaning of an emoji or you are in two minds about whether it’s appropriate to include in a particular post, don’t include it! It’s better to be safe than risk the reputation of your business.

A great resource for researching the meanings of an emoji is emojipedia.

There’s a Time and Place for Emojis

Being able to recognise the appropriate time and place to use an emoji is key. A lot can be lost in translations, especially when it comes to written commutation such as text messages or emails, it's important to be able to get across what you’re really feeling and thinking and emojis can be a good way of doing this.

For example, sending your friend a sarcastic text message could be interpreted as you being blunt or rude but if you add a winky face emoji on the end of your text, it makes it more obvious you’re being sarcastic or playful.

Always think about your company image and your target audience, this will help you determine whether using emojis in your marketing is appropriate. If you're trying to portray a very professional, formal company image, emojis are something you should probably avoid. Stereotypically, emojis resonate with a younger audience so if your target audience is older, again, emojis wouldn't be appropriate to include in your marketing material.

Do your research and Test

I would always recommend doing your audience research to determine what impact emojis have on your engagement rate. One week, include emojis in your social media posts then don't use any the week after. This way you can compare analytics on each post to see which post performed better. You can then use this information to drive future social media campaigns and strategies.


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