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A Stunning room upgrade all thanks to social media

We couldn’t believe our luck! A stunning room upgrade all thanks to social media.

My partner and I recently took a trip to Crete, we stayed in a gorgeous hotel called Minos Palace. Upon arrival, we were instantly impressed, the facilities were amazing and the views were breathtaking. We were shown to our room which was perfect for us, clean, spacious and we thought we'd looked out as we had great views of the sea and the hotels private beach.

On day three of our holiday, after arriving back in our room from dinner, we were greeted by a note asking if we could please go down to reception. I naturally began to worry, was there a problem with the room? Had we not paid for something?

After speaking to the lady on reception, we were told that the hotel wanted to offer us a room upgrade to one of the ‘best rooms they had'. We obviously couldn’t believe our luck! We were very grateful to have been offered the upgrade but we couldn't help but ask why us?

After asking why they were offering us the room upgrade, we were told it was just something they did for their guests, but they also hinted that they had noticed we’d been enjoying our stay at the hotel. We quickly realised that the pictures we had been posting through the week of our holiday on our personal social media accounts, had been noticed.

So what did the hotel get from upgrading us?

The hotel could see we were both pretty active on social media and both had a decent following. By moving us into a better room we would essentially be advertising the hotel's best room to our social media followers.

Since posting the below video on social media, along with a number of other photos of the room, we had a lot of messages from friends and family asking us where we stayed and would we recommend the hotel for a holiday.

By upgrade us into this room that would have otherwise sat empty, the hotel has reached its target audience and what better way to showcase your services and facilities than through already happy customers.

A great marketing tactic by the hotel.

Above is a video I post on my personal social media account of the room we were upgraded to. It was five times as big as our original room and had it's own private pool and waterfall.


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